• Longjing/ Dragonwell

    Longjing/ Dragonwell

    Known as the "Queen of Green Tea",
    Longjing has a particular sophisticated taste.
    Start from the Tang Dynasty, there has been 1500-year history of Longjing.
    It is a seasonal product that the best Longjing were always plucked before Qingming Festival(i.e. usually the first week of April).

    There are 4 indicators for premium Longjing: Jade in colour, Brisk aroma, Mellow favour with bird tongue-liked shape.

    To enjoy its freshness, it is suggested that not to store a large amount at home.
    Purchase should be made based on consumption.

  • Baihao Yinzhen/ White Hair Silver Needle

    Baihao Yinzhen/ White Hair Silver Needle

    Baihao Yinzhen's name came from its tiny white hair on the tea leaves (Baihao) and its shape likes a silver needle (Yinzhen).
    The fragrance of Baihao Yinzhen is elegant and quiet, its flavor is mild and mellow, with a rich finish taste.
    Baihao Yinzhen helps to relief from the hot summer, and leaves you a calm spirit.

  • Shoumei/ Longevity Eyebrows

    Shoumei/ Longevity Eyebrows

    Shoumei's name came from its apperance, which similar to the elderly' eyebrows. 

    Its aroma is warm and pure, with a clear distinctive soft taste. 

  • Puerh


    Puerh is one of the most popular tea.
    It has a soft and smooth texture which made it widely favourable.
    The taste of Puerh is pure and deep, it can be matched with various food.
    It is especially good with few dishes of dim sum as Puerh helps to dissolve oil and greasy feeling.

  • Tikuanyin


    Tikuanyin has the fragrance of green tea and the mellow of black tea.
    It can be further subdivided into "light aroma type" and "strong aroma type" by the level of fermentation and roasting.
    "Light aroma type" mainly represents Tikuanyin from Taiwan,
    with delicate taste and fresh scent.
    "Strong aroma type" mainly represents Tikuanyin from Fujian,
    with dense after taste and aroma of the charcoal roasting.


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