About us

Springlin is Tea to Nourish the World   

We believe in the power of tea to heal the body, and soothe the soul. Springlin teas come direct from the mountains of China, prepared in small batches by tea master Yu Jie using traditional methods. Springlin teas express flavors that are unique and distinctive, inspiring a meditation introduced by buddhists centuries ago. We invite you to try our teas and savor the nourishing flavors.

Over recent years the market has been rife with tea shops of various kinds, most of whom sell poor quality but expensive tea leaves. Many consumers interested in Chinese tea might pay a high price but end up failing to taste the good of Chinese tea.

The founder of Springlin hopes to publicize to the world artistic and healthy values of Chinese tea via Internet to help reestablish consumers’ correct concepts and understanding of Chinese tea and promote healthy drink of such tea and the dissemination of Chinese tea culture.

Chief Tea-leaf Consultant, Yu Jie,who was keen on Chinese tea at an early age, has been engaged in tea leaf trade for more than 20 years, during which he traveled through five major tea-picking areas in China to find top-grade tea leaves and healthy and scientific tea-drinking methods. He is committed to providing customers with high-quality and reasonably-priced tea leaves and promoting Chinese tea culture.

Springlin’s Mission

Cultural value: disseminate Chinese tea culture, advocate nature and health, promote global influence of Chinese tea culture

Customer value: continue to seek better quality tea leaves for customers and always offer good quality tea leaves at reasonable prices

Social value: enable Chinese tea to replace coffee as the world No. 1 hot drink in sales volume and nourish the world with healthy and soothing tea


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